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by Resource Furniture AU

Efit Chair

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The Efit chair has been conceived, designed and manufactured to cater to a free-spirited, spontaneous and connected generation of people that do things their own way and that fit easily into all types of workspaces, whether these are a traditional office, a ‘coworking’ area or a ‘home office’.

*Partial Assembly Required

Backrest, PP with glass fiber (PP + 15% G.F.)
Seat with ACS technology (airflow comfort system). Made of PU (polyurethane) flexible moulded foam (density 50-60 kg/m3).
5-star base. Die cast aluminium or P.A.G. +30% G.F

Total height: from 910 to 1010 mm
Total width: 675 to 690 mm
Total depth: 675 mm
Seat height: from 460 to 560 mm
Seat width: 460 to 510 mm
Seat depth: from 470 to 540 mm

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