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by Resource Furniture AU

Wing Chair Pack of 4

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Wing, with a vintage style design, is useful for any environment, both interior and exterior, responding to the technical and aesthetic needs of new trends in collective office furniture, for its design, colour, finishes and accessories.

Wing is made of polypropylene with fibreglass; this ensures the durability of the chair and makes it 100% recyclable. Wing allows stacking up to fourteen chairs with a trolley and it´s offered in seven different colours.

*Unit price: $246.40, black wing chair $269.50

Polypropylene (P.P) frame with 30% fibre glass. UV resistant for outdoor use and antistatic treatment to facilitate cleaning.
*Black finish has a special adherent tint for outdoor use. It is got with priming coat and lacquering processes that guarantee the highest visual quality and surface resistance

Total height: from 780 mm
Total width: from 570 mm
Total depth: from 520 mm

Seat height without pad: from 450
Seat width: from 430 mm
Seat depth: from 375 mm

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