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by Resource Furniture AU

Whass Chair Pack of 4

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With an informal yet elegant profile, Whass is intended for modern spaces. Its range of models, finishes and structures allows for varied and flexible usage. Its most remarkable quality is its super-stackability, which enables maximum space optimisation.

Whass is defined as a comprehensive and diverse range of products covering various uses and spaces based on the same framework, that can be combined with different structures to create a wide variety of options.

*Unit price: $246.40

Shell, polypropylene (P.P) + 30% F.V. frame, 5 mm thick, with glass fibre.Base, is made with cylindrical hot-rolled steel tubes, Ø13mm and e=2 mm, with a 90-micron thick epoxy paint coating.

Total Height: 813 mm
Total Width: 517 mm
Total Depth: 540 mm
Seat Height: 455 mm
Seat Width: 440 mm
Seat Depth: 400 mm

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