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by Resource Furniture AU

Noom 40 Stool 2 Pack

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The friendly and elegant design of the stools in the Noom stool means they are an excellent choice for meeting spaces, cafeterias or hotels that are committed to maintaining an attractive image.


*Unit price: $335.50, padded seat  $411.40
*Partial Assembly Required

Polypropylene (P.P.) housing of
5 mm thick with fiberglass.
Lower part of support in injected aluminium of black colour. Injected cushion of flexible PUR foam of 110 kg/m3 density.
Structure made of hot rolled steel cylindrical tube of Ø13mm and e=2 mm. Footrest in cylindrical tube of hot-rolled steelØ13x2 mm.

Easy to clean with soap and water.

Total Dimensions:
Height: 925 mm
Width: 425 mm
Depth: 493 mm
Dimensions Seat:
Height: 670 mm
Width: 428 mm
Depth: 470 mm

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