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Stay is a high quality and competitive operator chair, an innovative product for its high mouldable capacity.

A chair selected at the Delta Awards for its freshness, comfortability and high sustainability.

The innovative design of the back offers a great deal of freedom of movement. The seat and the armrests allow total adjustment from the seated position, ensuring that the user uses minimum effort to maintain or change their position.

*Partial Assembly Required

Backrest, PP with glass fibre (PP + 40% G.F.) frame.Seat with PU (polyurethane) flexible molded foam density of 50-60 kg/m3 black polypropylene with glass fibre(PP+20% G.F.) cover seat with injected foam upholstered
with fabrics. 5 Star base, aluminium base and polyamide with glass fiver (FV).

Total height: from 940 mm to 1040 mm
Total width: from 675 mm
Total depth: from 675 mm
Seat height: from 425 mm to 525 mm
Seat width: from 480 mm to 530 mm
Seat depth: from 475 mm to 555 mm

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